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Environmental and Occupational Health Aspects Related to Nano- and Ultrafine Particulate Matter


A large area adjacent to the main auditorium at the conference venue will be available for display of scientific equipment as well as books and journals.

Welcome as an exhibitor

This event will provide an excellent possibility also for suppliers of analytical instrumentation and consumables to contribute to the conference with exhibitions. Since the conference is a non-profit arrangement, all income from the exhibition and sponsors will be used to the benefit of the participants. All exhibitors will be offered a free logo at the homepage with a link to their own homepage.

Exhibition Areas

The exhibition areas are situated next to the conference room where posters will be presented and all coffee breaks will take place. We have reserved 3m x 1.5 m area for each of you. Tables, cloths and chairs will be available at no extra costs, but we recommend you to bring your own walls. Power rating is 220 Volt single phase, 50Hz, 10A.

Please, contact the conference secretary by e-mail to get further information:

Delivery address for shipment of goods to the exhibition:
Hotel Alexandra, 6789 Loen, Nordfjord. Norway. Att.: EOHNANO




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